What makes a Serena unique?

A Better Battery

Powered by a high-capacity rechargeable battery, your Serena fountain can be used day or night; in sunny or overcast weather--whenever or where ever you prefer. A single charge gives you 2 months of average use!

SmartWater System

Automatically waters your plants every time you enjoy your fountain. Patent pending Smart Water System also lets you adjust how much or little water to feed your plants, depending on their water requirements.

The Mark of Quality

Our fountains are marked with Serena Fountain's seal so you can be sure you own a Serena and everything that makes Serena Fountains special: state of the art features, craftsmanship and the quality of excellence.

We guide you through set-up!

Follow along with these instructional videos and you'll be enjoying your new Serena fountain in no time! The videos include demonstrations of fountain assembly and instructions on how to operate your fountain.

Power that lasts.

All Serena Fountains include a rechargeable battery featuring C-Last technology to keep your fountain going. A single charge will allow your fountain to run continuously for 40 hours or 2 months of average usage.

Because Serena Fountains are not solar-dependent, you can place your fountain anywhere you like; in the shade or sunny area, a covered patio, or even inside your home.

What a lovely garden!

Patent pending Smart-Water System not only automatically waters your plant inside the specially designed garden tier in your fountain; but when your fountain is not in use, an air gap is created to aerate your plant's roots.

Spectacular dancing water

Enjoy the magical movement of Serena Fountain's Water Dancing Feature spouts. Each fountain comes with multiple patterns for you to watch in bedazzlement and listen to the soothing, relaxing sounds of water trickling on top of itself.

Rugged Good Looks!

Rechargeable rock waterfall fountain, operating on a high capacity rechargeable battery. Does not require direct sunlight, enjoy it day or night.  Set to turn off after 1hr, 2hrs, 3hr or 4hrs with the push of a button. The fountain provides a soothing tranquil sound of water.

About Serena Fountains

Serena Fountains is the world's first, and only, rechargeable garden fountain. Just one rechargeable battery that will allow you to place your fountain anywhere you want. Indoors or outdoors; sun or shade; summer or fall. Enjoy your fountain all year round! If it's a rechargeable fountain, it's a Serena.