Serena Series 5.2 Garden Fountain


The ultimate in Fountain luxury. Our most fully featured Serena Fountain to date, the 5.2 Series takes your garden to an all new level of grandeur. Includes our signature automatic plant watering system, classic dancing water attachments, all new Rosebud finial giving 8 spouts and 2 tiers of cascading water, the new Springtime Bird Collection finial and the latest LED illumination system for spectacular night time fountain enjoyment. Also includes new 24 hour timer operation, continuous run operation as well as the classic 1 to 4 hour settings so you can customise your 5.2 Series Serena fountain to your every need.

About Serena Fountains

Serena Fountains is the world's first, and only, rechargeable garden fountain. Just one rechargeable battery that will allow you to place your fountain anywhere you want. Indoors or outdoors; sun or shade; summer or fall. Enjoy your fountain all year round! If it's a rechargeable fountain, it's a Serena.